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Wake~N~Bake Box REMIX

Wake~N~Bake Box REMIX

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Rise and shine with the Wake~N~Bake Box REMIX, the ultimate combination of breakfast favorites. Satisfy your cravings with a delicious banana bread, mouthwatering pizza, indulgent donut, hearty combo bar, and savory breakfast burrito. Your taste buds will thank you!

Super Donut Pack/Size 3 ct/2.25 oz

Super Banana Bread Slice Pack/Size 3 ct/2.25 oz

Breakfast Burrito Pack/Size 4 ct/3.6 oz

Beef & Country Gravy Pack/Size 4 ct/3.00 oz

Sausage & Cheese Pizza Pack/Size 4 ct/3.31oz

Breakfast Combo Bars Pack/Size 5 ct/ 2 oz

***No substitutes. Breakfast burrito may differ.

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