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Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread

Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread

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This Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread is the perfect way to spice up any meal. With its unique twist on a classic favorite, this HOT WATER CORN BREAD is sure to satisfy all your cravings! Serve it piping hot and get ready for something BIG!

Big Daddy's Hot Water Cornbread

Pack/Size: 1.6 OZ

  1. Keep frozen until ready to cook. DO NOT THAW. Heat oil to 350F. Make sure you maintain at least 325-340F. Oil will cool after product is added.
  2. Add cornbread in single layer. DO NOT CROWD OR DUMP IN BASKET. DO NOT SHAKE OR MOVE CORNBREAD FOR AT LEAST 4MINUTES. Cook for 7-7 ½ minutes until cornbread is golden brown.
  3. Big Daddys Cornbread will always be moist in the middle much like grits. It will float like fish when it is ready.


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